Friday, 11 May 2007

The Outer Circle & Muzikvoice

The Outer Circle "AS SEEN ON TV"!

What a great band to manage, these lads have really been inspired by the MOD music culture. Muzikvoice first spotted them when Spencer Brown dropped of a Demo CD at our Birmingham Office. Myself and Natalie automatically (although past 10pm) put the CD in the PC and began to listen to the "We are Alive" Demo CD. Needless to say we loved it!

We talked to Spencer and arranged to meet him at a local pub, the Bulls Head in Shirley, Birmingham. After listening to Spencer we instantly wanted to help this band. They are a genuine article, passionate and hard working about there music. Spencer a Local Fireman and also the lead singer & Rhythm guitarist had just finished his 12 hour shift and was on his way to a rehearsal with the band. This surely shows us that all the band are committed to achieving higher things and are prepared to put in the work to develop their master sound.

Spencer explained his ideas and what he wanted from a management company. Well we explained what we had on offer, we also stressed that we had not managed a band before as we were in the line of helping hundreds of band's make it through to a more positive and recognisable realm in the music industry. However we also stated that we can manage and shall take each step as it goes - talking through with the band to see if they are happy and if they feel that what we are doing is going down the right track. Muzikvoice are committed to developing the exposure of the band and the promotional stance they hold to gain further notoriety in booking gigs.

The Outer Circles main ambition is to get signed so they can record their album and distribute it strategically. We explained to Spencer that this is viable but its the case of finding the right label for them, likewise. So if you do have a label and you may be interested in what these guys have on offer, email me, for further information.

We have an open book to our company everyone can see that we are a personally tailored company. Our best policy with our artists is Honesty, no time wasters please! We learn every day, our contacts grow every day and our performances become better each day, as with any business we are in it to make lots of money. But the serious point is, which is funded by the 3 Directors of Muzikvoice Limited have solely inputted their own money into the project so that unsigned musicians can get a better exposure - or Voice in the industry, so to speak! is slowly exerting a influence on the mass music scene, especially with so many web forums, music sites, unsigned WebPages out there. Muzikvoice do not earn any commission of music track that are sold, only Paypal takes the transaction fee. We hope to develop the artists on the website so that we can provide them an opportunity to be managed by ourselves, utilising our company contacts and experience in the industry. Yeah, we have not got loads of experience in "managing" bands, but we have run a Music company for 3 years and we do have many feet in doors. That can help any unsigned band in the first 12 months, surely!

This is why our partnership and collaboration with The Outer Circle will work best for both our interests. We can earn money through our commitment, to re-invest in our company, whilst our commitment and contacts deliver The Outer Circle to a much higher level of notoriety. Our focal ambition is to manage all musicians on the website we have, within quality reasons.

We visited The Outer Circles performance at the Barfly in Birmingham and then the Spotted Dog a week later, each gig was brilliant! There was so much energy and vibe about the music - you just cant explain it, its a buzz!

Muzikvoice are aiming to make The Outer Circle big in Europe then to concentrate efforts on the USA. Firstly we shall be bringing their current music tracks to many digital music stores around the World.

The Outer Circle appeared on local ITV News with the Interview on the Number 11 Outer Circle Bus, the main bus transport around the "Outer Circle". This was an intimate view on the artists themselves and why they named their band the Outer Circle. It does have roots to the Birmingham music scene and is inspirational in their music as the voice of the real hard working people who live in the area.

Spencer has a great song writing ability and the band gel well, who add their influences to create this intense MOD / post Punk sound. I cant emphasise how important the music is, it really does hit the nail on the head, its catchy, has the right beat and is stylishly fashionable. It would be nice to know that this music is around for generations, just like UB40, who also were influenced by the Birmingham working culture of the 1980s and mid 90s.

There are many people with views out there, it would be nice to see some comments on this blog from people who have heard and seen The Outer Circle.

Steve Page
Managing Director
Muzikvoice Limited